About me

A Bellarine Peninsula based local business Ocean Green Collective is founded by Mother of two Victoria Morrison.


My passion for all things green, interiors and gardening combined with my background in Design and Buying led to the idea of creating my own plant gifting range. I wanted to offer a sustainable options to flower delivery.


With a Love for Houseplants that stems not only from the natural beauty they possess & bring to a space.

But more importantly from the peacefulness they share within your physical space and also within your mind and soul.


It is this sense of calm & Peace I want to help to pass on to others.

It can be felt when caring for plants, proving to ourselves we can keep them alive when we thought we couldn’t.

The Joy of success when propagating is a pleasure I like to share with my two young daughters, it shows them the beauty that can come from nurturing and caring.


I am commonly Altering the location of my botanical interiors freshening up different rooms and spaces and searching for the perfect Nature based Vista.


They truly are the gift that keeps on giving.